The REAL definition of the “Travel Bug”

Ahhhhhhhhh.. The “travel bug.” What an annoying analogy to compare to something so wonderful to have. Why must we criticize on those who lust for travel and seeing new places? I don’t see why we place shame in a name towards something like having the “travel bug” as if it’s some sort of phase the person is trapped in. “I’m not listening to emotional screamo music Aunt Petunia, I’m traveling the world!”

What does it mean to have the travel bug?

It means I want to overcome every language barrier. I want to listen to the #1 hit song teenagers are listening to in Nepal at the moment and I want to see animals in their natural habitats that aren’t from a magazine or Nat Geo Wild. I want to swim in every sea in the world, say I zip-lined the rainforests of Jamaica and that I danced all nights in the streets of Spain. I want to tell my kids, “you’re going to eat all the food on your plate,” not because of the starving kids in Africa but because of the time I witnessed a child beg me for money on a train in Italy. I want my life to be fully aware of what this world is full of and more importantly – what we are capable of.

It means I want the most out of my home country. I want to see racism disappear forever. I want to see stereotypes of other cultures completely die from society. When a picture is shown of a Chinese person, we see people of all skin colors, heights and body types. We don’t just see the person, we see their foods, their lands, and their history. I want to see this world change for the better as a first hand witness – a traveller!

Having the travel bug is like winning the lottery! You are one of the FEWEST people in the world who wants these things from our world. You want your life to be filled with stories no one else can repeat, see things no one else has seen, and become friends with people who others will never meet. You want the most out of life. You want the grandest adventure not everyone chooses to pursue. And that my friend… is something rare and valuable to have.

Imagine how much healthier our society would become if we all experienced each other’s cultures and learned the truths about ourselves instead of what society has vaguely labeled us as.If you have the travel bug, I urge you to chase that little sucker down and never stop. Encourage others. Inspire others. Change the world one country at a time.


Starting a Travel Blog?!


My reaction to everything. I absolutely can not believe the amount of stuff I have learned since wanting to start this blog!!! I have read so many articles and blogs about how to start one and what I’ve learned is that blogging is pretty much a second job.

I got to dedicate this for the long run! I definitely want to travel my whole life. First as a college student, then after college, then travel with my future kiddos, so having a place to record the adventures I go on will be amazing for me to see but also everyone else like my family, friends, and coworkers. More importantly though, one day I hope I can reach out to a big enough audience to teach other americans how to leave our dang country!

Part of why I started this was because after I traveled to Italy, I have accomplished something that majority of americans haven’t done in their entire lives! Most of us haven’t left the country, and a handful of them have never even left their states!!! I want to show everyone how traveling can impact your life in such a positive way. It teaches you to be more in tact with your soul spiritually, it challenges you physically, it forces you to master interpersonal communication, it demands a lot of mental skill in planning and being organized, and overall it transforms you into a more positive person. Experiencing just one other culture than your own gives you so much insight about how big this world is!

Although the next few years in college will be spent at home in Oregon, every summer and school break will be an opportunity to go somewhere new. I am so excited to start this journey of traveling the world and to meet all the new friends I’ll make on the way.