All I got to say is… the travel bug hit me HARD. I realized as a freshman in college that if I wanted adventure I have to make it happen. I plan to have kids and become an elementary teacher one day, so while I still have the time I decided to make use of it by seeing what’s on the other side of the world. I told myself: It’s now or never Alesia.

This isn’t your typical “We quit our jobs and sold everything to travel the world!” kind of Blog. Sad I know. This is a “How to travel with a crazy schedule and broke wallet” kind of travel blog. I am a BUSY BUSY girl!!! I am in my second year at Chemeketa Community College and am studying full time to be an elementary school teacher as well as working a part time job at the Dutch Bros coffee shop where I live in Oregon. IF I ever get any free time in my schedule I’ll do a hike, or go to the beach, take pictures, and spend time with my family and dogs. Here at Alesia’s Affordable Adventures, I’ll teach you how you can make traveling the world possible with a lifestyle similar to mine. Whether you are a full time college student, a family of 8, or committed to a 70 hour a week job, with the right planning tools and organization skills, you can make this happen.

I hope my travels inspire you to travel as well. I believe everyone should experience leaving their home and meeting people from other sides of the world. It is truly an amazing thing to participate in cultures and practice their norms, eat their food, dance their music, speak their language and walk through history.