How To Get Cheap International Flights

Yes. The secret formula exists. It is true.

After researching and researching and researching a kajillion articles on Google, Pinterest and Facebook I read multiple different answers to the question “When are international flights the cheapest?” It was frustrating. So I tested it myself.

I used Expedia to help me with this – they compare hundred of flights to find you the cheapest and fastest route for you. All the articles said, “6 months before your trip! 2 months before your trip! 6 weeks before your trip!” I didn’t know who to believe. I didn’t want to risk to buy my ticket at the 6 month price only to find out it’s cheaper at 2 months.

Here’s what I learned: I stumbled upon some great information from an article on Pinterest one day. (I wish I could find it but it’s hidden somewhere deep in the internet haha) That the day you buy your ticket and the day you choose to fly out MATTERS.

They claimed that buying your ticket on a Tuesday and flying out on a Saturday is the most cheapest ticket you can get.

So I tested it. I went on Expedia that day (A Sunday I believe) and made it to where I flew out on a Saturday. It was still the same price.

The next day (Monday) I checked it again to fly out on Saturday and it was still the same price. When I checked it on Tuesday it was like $200 cheaper! I went ahead and did the rest of the week and sure enough Tuesday was the magic day that makes your tickets cheaper!

So knowing this information I kept an eye on my ticket price as the year went by. When it hit 6 months my $1400 ticket to Italy was still $1400, so I don’t know what that article was claiming. eye roll

I checked it once a month after that to test the theory: When is the best time to buy your ticket?

At 5 months it was the same. At 4 months it came down to $1100. I was skeptical to buy it… but I waited.

Ladies and gentlemen… At 3 months: In MAY, 2016 the round trip ticket price for Italy went down to $850!!! I immediately bought it the night I saw it. I didn’t want to risk and wait any longer and see the price go back up. I was so happy I saved $550!

So the secret formula is…




You’re probably wondering… What if it’s cheaper at 2 months or 1 month? I tested this theory and the price sadly goes back up. At two months it goes up to $1000, and at one month it goes up to $1200.

Another factor is the time of year. I bought during high tourist season where Italy is super busy during the summer months of June-August. I just checked it again (for it being November) and flying out 3 months ahead in February and the price was $817! When flying internationally ALWAYS use this method. Save your money and spend it on more important things you can be doing on your trip. You won’t regret it.





11 thoughts on “How To Get Cheap International Flights

    1. Because I used Expedia it already offered me the cheapest airline to get to Italy which was United! Doing some other research though… I’ve heard Icelandic Air and Air Canada are also some good alternatives. It also depends on your location. For example I live in Oregon and a flight to California is cheaper from the Eugene airport (a small airport) than the PDX international airport. Airlines to Italy will only connect from bigger airports though so check to see the difference from all the major airports in your area. Hope this helps!

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  1. Reblogged this on YakFellow and commented:
    I’m not sure if 3 months before on a Tuesday is always right but I know it’s true for the most part. Around 3 months before I was trying to go to Asia a friend of mine found tickets to South Korea for 450 USD and we bought them right away. I’ve never seen lower than that. From there it was between 100 to 300 to almost anywhere in Southeast Asia. I ended up going to over 5 countries over the course of 2 months and spent less than 1000 USD on plane tickets total.

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  2. Hi, this is interesting. It definitely does matter when you book your flights. Another thing to add in is the destination. Sometimes, I think the formula you use can be different deopending on where you go. I wish you could remember the name of the website you used. I used to know a site where you could put details in of when the best time to go was in terms of buying flights & all sorts of other things. If only I could remember the name of it.

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