Starting a Travel Blog?!


My reaction to everything. I absolutely can not believe the amount of stuff I have learned since wanting to start this blog!!! I have read so many articles and blogs about how to start one and what I’ve learned is that blogging is pretty much a second job.

I got to dedicate this for the long run! I definitely want to travel my whole life. First as a college student, then after college, then travel with my future kiddos, so having a place to record the adventures I go on will be amazing for me to see but also everyone else like my family, friends, and coworkers. More importantly though, one day I hope I can reach out to a big enough audience to teach other americans how to leave our dang country!

Part of why I started this was because after I traveled to Italy, I have accomplished something that majority of americans haven’t done in their entire lives! Most of us haven’t left the country, and a handful of them have never even left their states!!! I want to show everyone how traveling can impact your life in such a positive way. It teaches you to be more in tact with your soul spiritually, it challenges you physically, it forces you to master interpersonal communication, it demands a lot of mental skill in planning and being organized, and overall it transforms you into a more positive person. Experiencing just one other culture than your own gives you so much insight about how big this world is!

Although the next few years in college will be spent at home in Oregon, every summer and school break will be an opportunity to go somewhere new. I am so excited to start this journey of traveling the world and to meet all the new friends I’ll make on the way.



7 thoughts on “Starting a Travel Blog?!

  1. Blogging is new to me also… and it does take a lot do it!!! You almost need to set some ‘office time’ to make sure you get it done. I have a note book and I use notes on my phone throughout the day about random stuff I saw or might want to mention. Excited to follow you and see what you’re up to.


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