Hey everybody! I have officially moved my blog over to www.alesiasaffordableadventures.com !

Please check it out and follow my new website. I will not be engaging in wordpress.com anymore. I will only be posting to my new page. The new website will have all the same amazing tricks, tips and diy’s you can do to afford amazing vacations and travel adventures. The website will start showing vlogs and feature my new youtube channel!

Youtube Channel: Alesia’s Affordable Adventures

Instagram: alesiasadventures

Facebook Page: Alesia’s Affordable Adventures

Snapchat: alesialynn

Pinterest: Alesiapiol


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New Website!

Hello loyal followers! I have just bought and migrated my blog to wordpress.org and would love if everyone go check it out and follow me there! I have already started new posts and created my page to look the way I wanted! Click Here for my NEW WEBSITE! Thanks again – Alesia

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